Individual transition security solutions

Losing a job can be tough for anyone. But every job has its time, and sometimes it comes to an end. As career coaches, we understand that this situation raises many questions. We're here to help clarify your goals and organise your job search.

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Coaching clarifies your goals and parses your job search

Each job has a life cycle that ends at some point. We support you in finding the next career solution that is best for you – professionally, systematically, and based on your goals.

Individual transition security coaching starts with situation mapping, handling the situation, and setting a goal. Personal goals are very different for everyone, depending on the situation and the stage of a person's career life. For this reason, we tailor some of the coaching content individually.

You will receive support in brightening your goals, exploring different opportunities, adopting modern job search methods, and planning your next steps. In addition, you will receive support in the form of career coaching, entrepreneurship sparring, or additional training in accordance with your goal.

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Organise and speed up the job search

As a result of coaching, you will be well equipped to continue your career path, and you will get comprehensive knowledge and skills for today's job search methods and channels. You are able to recognise your strengths and competencies and make an action plan for your job search. You will build a CV and applications and practice interview situations, including video interviews. This allows you to start the concrete job search quickly, and to find employment faster for a task that matches your goals and skills.

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Career coaching supports experienced professionals who want to renew themselves or their careers.

Said about our career coaching

The coaching was tailored to be just right for me together with the career coach. There were no unnecessary sections. I particularly understood the importance of LinkedIn in todays labour market and boosted my self-esteem with the help of my career coach. I also understood that applying for a job is largely more than sending applications for open positions. I also gained excellent knowledge and understanding of myself, my strengths and achievements.

The most valuable thing in the coaching was realising that you are not alone in the situation and there was a place to go. In the workshops, there were people in similar situations who had experienced the same thing. I got the necessary support and coaching.

For me, the most useful thing was to stop and analyse my own situation with the help of a systematic concept and support, and what I really want from working life and work. I see that this whole worked for me as career coaching, self-analysis tasks helped reflect on the situation and process, the instructor supported and challenged well along the way, group sessions and networks carried the process forward and brought good energy to the work

Personal meetings with the coach were most important. They maintained reflection and brightening up what I would really like to do in the future.

The most useful thing was to distinguish what I have done in my work and what is really my passion, as well as tasks where I can utilise my true strengths. You never stop to think about these things in working life – you just do what work brings

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