Image of Hannamari Kuosa
Hannamari Kuosa
Sales and Program Director
+358 50 365 4454
Image of Michael Röllich
Michael Röllich
Business Director
+358 40 519 7696
Image of Marléne Fransila
Marléne Fransila
Head of Marketing & Communication
+358 40 709 8980
Image of Henrich Nyman
Henrich Nyman
Director Hanken Executive MBA - Ph.D.
+358 40 352 1481
Image of Katharina Lapuerta
Katharina Lapuerta
Marketing and Sales Manager Hanken Executive MBA
+358 50 449 2104
Image of Anders Tallberg
Anders Tallberg
Senior Fellow
+358 50 348 9966
Image of Pernilla Gripenberg
Pernilla Gripenberg
Program Director - Ph.D.
+358 40 049 3602
Image of Peter Zashev
Peter Zashev
Program Director - Adjunct Professor
+358 40 708 5151
Image of Jenny Segersven
Jenny Segersven
Senior Manager, Operations
+358 50 530 8324
Image of Johanna Holm
Johanna Holm
Senior Project Manager (Maternity leave)
+358 40 352 1361
Image of Michaéla Gotthardt
Michaéla Gotthardt
Project Manager
+358 50 599 3212
Image of Maria Grenner-Pimenoff
Maria Grenner-Pimenoff
Project Manager
+358 40 588 1471
Image of Olivett Stephenson
Olivett Stephenson
Project Manager
+358 41 482 9284
Image of Anna Julkunen
Anna Julkunen
Project Manager
+358 40 830 4436
Image of André Österholm
André Österholm
Director Hanken & SSE Vaasa
+358 50 362 6746
Image of Yvonne Högholm
Yvonne Högholm
Project manager
+358 40 3521 720
Image of Åsa Hämäläinen
Åsa Hämäläinen
Project Manager
+358 40 352 1748
Image of Jennifer Kronman
Jennifer Kronman
Junior Project Manager
+358 46 923 6619
Image of Emma Björn
Emma Björn
Marketing Coordinator
+358 40 352 1515
Image of Sabine Maselkowski
Sabine Maselkowski
Project Manager
+358 40 588 3715
Image of Martina Forsman
Martina Forsman
Junior Project Manager
+358 40 352 1515
Image of Erik Modig
Erik Modig
Speaker, author and researcher
Image of Orren Shalit
Orren Shalit
SIT Facilitator, Lecturer and Teacher for International Business Schools
Image of Patrick Furu
Patrick Furu
Ph.D. Economics, Adjunct Professor of Management
Image of Andreas “Anttu” Forsberg
Andreas “Anttu” Forsberg
Founder and CEO, Leadership Anthropologist, Behavioral Analyst
Image of Patrick Halford
Patrick Halford
Nordic Drone, Robotics & AR/VR Leader, Head of Mobility at SingularityU Nordic
Image of Niklas Modig
Niklas Modig
Supervisor and Strategic Facilitator, Board Member, Researcher at Stockholm School of Economics
Image of Leif Fågelstedt
Leif Fågelstedt
Advisor, Coach, Independent consultant
Image of Robin Teigland
Robin Teigland
Professor in Business Administration, Specialisation in Strategic Information Systems Management
Image of Hani Tarabichi
Hani Tarabichi
Researcher, Ph. D. Candidate, Speaker, Mentor
Image of Michael Daun
Michael Daun
Founder/CEO, Expert in Leadership and Technology
Image of Malin Groop
Malin Groop
Entrepreneur, CMO and Strategy Director
Image of Kaj Storbacka
Kaj Storbacka
Researcher, Professor, Markets and Strategy
Image of Liisa Välikangas
Liisa Välikangas
Professor of Innovation Management
Image of Fredrik Hallberg
Fredrik Hallberg
Marketing Strategy Director and Management Consultant
Image of John Ekman
John Ekman
Online conversion expert
Image of Paula Kilpinen
Paula Kilpinen
CEO, Business Coach
Image of Mattias Axelson
Mattias Axelson
PhD., Affiliated Researcher
Image of Kjell A. Nordström
Kjell A. Nordström
PhD, Swedish economist, writer and public speaker