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Organisations need to be flexible and adapt to constant changes in their environment. During a transformation, those shaping the future must figure out the skills needed for improvement and how to support skill management. It's important for organisations to have a culture that encourages continuous learning and improvement, and to think about how to make this culture stronger. Even though the future is uncertain, what is clear is that people and effective leadership will remain essential for success.


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About our solutions

If you are looking to ignite growth and renewal you have come to the right place. We offer inspiring solutions which combine international academic insight and business practice and transform it into impact in your reality. We listen carefully and dig deep to fully understand your organisation's unique challenges to ensure desired business impact taking into account the changing operating environment. That understanding translates into impactful solutions for your people and organisation, that challenges you, provides insights and perfectly match your strategy and context.

A nice development programme or coaching is not enough. We only talk about the impact of our solutions when we are able to see the renewal, when the behaviour of someone who took part in our solutions changes and the change also affects their environment. We ensure the impact of what we do by jointly deciding on goals and working closely together with you. We also conduct easy and efficient consulting processes to support your organisation in your transformational journey and HR in creating or redesigning the company’s leadership development portfolio. We ensure implementation through personal business coaching processes and by working together in groups.

What our customers are saying

We wanted to develop people leadership and business skills of YIT leaders to better meet current and future needs. We felt that Hanken & SSE had true interest in our business and challenges and had a proactive and solution oriented approach. We particularly appreciated the active support and professional discussions in designing the program to truly meet our needs. Also the good reputation as a business school and executive education provider effected our decision. What contributed to the success was to have a reliable and high quality partner to work together with. Being able to trust that the program meets our needs and wishes was vital.

Image for Minna Korander
Minna Korander
HR Development Manager

We invest in competence development all the time, and this time we wanted our top executive team to sharpen their competence in the most relevant business topics of the future. Hanken & SSE captured our need and was able to propose a process to exactly meet our targets. We created a learning process that combined the field specific expertise provided by Hanken & SSE and our company’s strategic targets in a compact manner. We have been delighted by the excellent level of the process and resources. The project has enhanced both our internal dialogue and inspiration how to reach the peak and has supported the execution of our strategy.

Image for Jukka Ruusunen
Jukka Ruusunen

We chose Hanken & SSE to draft a completely digital marketing programme for all our team members globally. 80 employees explored the fundamentals and current trends in marketing, while applying the lessons to their real-life business cases along the way. The program has not only ignited lively discussions around marketing but also given tools for new marketing approaches and projects. It was pivotal to have an understanding and encouraging partner like Hanken & SSE to generate this marketing mindset program.

Image for Ulla-Riitta Unkuri
Ulla-Riitta Unkuri
Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Raflatac

We needed to change our leadership style towards a more participatory one, a more people-centric and future- oriented way of viewing the business. It was a clear decision that Hanken & SSE would be our partner. Their development programs are of high quality and this was the most essential criteria for us. Hanken & SSE offers new knowledge based on research and top subject matter experts in their field that challenge to both new ways of thinking and new methods. Each team member gained a lot of new knowledge and from a company perspective, we achieved a joint view of the comany’s position, strengths and direction.The leadership practices and the sales culture were unified and we had a lot of great conversations that have since been transferred into practice.

Image for Anu Nurro
Anu Nurro
HR Manager

Together with Hanken & SSE we co-designed and executed a three-step development process, a needs analysis, a high-potential assessment process of 40 future leader successors and a 6-day tailored development program for about 25 selected successor potentials, with the aim to increase knowledge and skills in executing Skanska’s strategy, leading oneself and others, and business thinking in the Skanska context. The high-quality future oriented management programme set the expectation for the participants, which the programme as a whole reclaimed.

Image for Aija Harju
Aija Harju
HRD Manager

We had previously worked with Hanken & SSE on a successful management team program, so when a new need was identified, we chose to work with Hanken & SSE again. A program covering all the identified development needs was run in 4 different locations of the CIS zone. On top of live learning, we agreed on running interactive activities to support the learning process. All participants were positive and happy about the learnings of the program, they are using the obtained skills in their everyday work. Partnering with Hanken & SSE helped Lactalis to meet the set expectations and to make CIS Management teams more efficient in their everyday work and in achieving business targets in front of them.

Image for Tamara Petoyan
Tamara Petoyan
CIS HR Director

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