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Hanken Executive MBA

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7 Mar 2024
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31 Jan 2024

Programme overview

The Hanken Executive MBA is a part-time two-year executive programme in English offered in Helsinki, Finland. The programme is internationally accredited with a triple-crown (AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS) accreditation.

With a Hanken Executive MBA, you will gain insights and tools to make an impact in any business setting. The programme enables you to strengthen your strategic decision-making and leadership skills, equipping you to create value for yourself, your organisation and your customers, as well as other stakeholders. We believe in the strength of dialogue, face-to-face interaction and relationships. We recognise the individual in a group, our groups are small and our faculty and experienced lecturers are strongly dedicated to our programme.

of participants would recommend the program
of participants graduate on time
gets promoted after completing the Hanken Executive MBA*

*Most of the the remaining 30% are entrepreneurs, executives, or specialists. Hanken EMBA contributes to their capabilities to develop their existing jobs, rather than moving to new jobs.

Content & structure

The EMBA programme has optional entries and you can choose to start in October or March. For a tailor-made programme start, please contact the EMBA team. The programme includes part-time studies for 18-30 months in 16 modules, including 50 in-class days of which 36 during weekdays. It is possible to join the modules at Hanken School of Economics downtown Helsinki or virtually via Teams/Zoom. International modules are held in Riga and Boston. As it is a part-time executive programme, the Hanken EMBA programme makes it possible for the participants to work during their studies. The Hanken Executive MBA programme is structured around a few key topics:

Strategic leadership

With the help of the modules in strategy and leadership, you will improve your ability to identify ideas of strategic importance and act on them. The leadership development sessions will support participants’ personal development process throughout the entire Executive MBA programme. By continuously challenging participants to uncover new insights, the sessions aim at preparing participant’s for demanding leadership situations and enhancing their critical leadership skills and capabilities. You will also gain an increased understanding of change and how to manage and drive change in complex and competitive business environments.

Programme modules include scenario thinking, corporate geoeconomics, strategic corporate branding and marketing, strategic capabilities, strategic leadership, industrial and corporate change, mergers and acquisitions, organising for resilience, strategic HRM, and strategic thinking.

Service business and innovation

Hanken School of Economics is a forerunner in services management. The modules in entrepreneurial and service approaches will provide you with the insight of transforming your business from a product-oriented to a solutions-oriented business – always keeping the customer at the centre of your business model.

Programme modules include sense-making of market disruptions, service business approach, service and relationship orientation in purchasing, sales and pricing, market and business model innovation, as well as entrepreneurial mindset.

Finance and controlling

Any person with aspirations for a position in top management needs to understand the numbers behind operations and to put them into a bigger context. In the modules on strategic finance and controlling you will gain insight of key figures and how to interpret them, pricing strategies, how to apply sound and sustainable financial solutions to your business, as well as systems to control you business.

Programme modules include financial accounting, integrated reporting, management accounting, management control systems, value based management, corporate finance, evaluations in mergers and acquisitions, wealth management, financial management, and financial intermediation and risk management.

Sustainable business in a global context

Learning how to merge individual business activities into a larger context, where international competition, sustainability and corporate social responsibility influence your organisation is vital.

Programme modules include corporate social responsibility, sustainable supply chain management, digitalisation of business, AI, and data analytics, business analytics, intellectual property rights and micro- and macroeconomics.

Who the programme is for

The programme is for managers and top talents who are highly motivated to challenge themselves and dedicate time to develop. The programme criteria are a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, at least 5 years of relevant professional experience​ and a high level of proficiency in English. Working is highly recommended, as the module assignments deal with analysing your own organisational landscape by applying the theories in practice.

Your current position could be CEO, VP, Director, Head of (function), manager, expert or specialist, entrepreneur, to name a few.

A diverse group is our aim as experience has shown that a more diverse group increases in-group learning. A higher level of diversity broadens the basis for discussions and increases the variety of perspectives.

Hanken EMBA participant quick facts

  • The average participant age is 41 years
  • Worklife experience from 5 to 20+ years. Average years of working experience 17 years
  • 56 % male and 44 % female
  • 22 % international students

Industry sectors: Auditing & consulting, climate and energy solutions, crisis management, manufacturing, copyright organisation, manufacturing, digital agency, energy, financial services, fashion, fitness & wellness, health services, technical consulting services, water supply solutions, etc.

Job functions: CEO, EVP, Vice President, Director, Manager, Senior Specialist, Entrepreneur

Educational backgrounds: Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Engineering, Economics and Business Administration, Forest Engineering, Geography, Hospitality Management, Health Sciences, Japanese literature, Law, Management, Pedagogy, Political Science, PR, Technology, etc. Doctor’s degree in Technology.

Benefits & value

The Hanken Executive MBA provides you and your organisation with new perspectives, improved understanding and the means to develop the ability to tackle key challenges in business both today and tomorrow. The Hanken EMBA programme is designed to help you create value for yourself, your organisation and your customers, as well as other stakeholders by becoming a better strategic decision-maker and leader. We provide you an opportunity to develop new insights of your business context, to enlarge your influence in your organisation and business network, and to improve your capacity to achieve results and to make an impact of strategic relevance.

Benefits for you as an Individual

  • Continuously developed programme content with world-class faculty and experienced lecturers
  • A journey of learning and sharing with ambitious EMBA peers resulting in a valuable personal and professional network 
  • Engaging dialogue where you and your peer students play an important role
  • A flexible part-time programme with daytime classes allowing time for work and family commitments
  • A potentially life-changing experience

You will gain a globally accredited diploma, knowledge about key business areas and processes and the capacity to make strategic business decisions. You will also improve your skills and competencies to analyse challenges and find solutions to them, to lead, develop and engage others. You will increase your capability to share insight and drive change and gain a business network for life.

Benefits for your organisation

Managers and top talents that excel and gain new motivation through an internationally accredited programme become a colleague

  • with improved strategic decision-making skills
  • who can introduce fresh ideas, concepts and tools to the workplace
  • who has become a better leader and professional
  • who can connect you to a broader and deeper variety of influential business contacts
  • who can apply team/consultancy projects to your company
Take your skills to the next level with an EMBA degree

The tasks and the skills required in working life are constantly changing. The executives and top experts of companies and organisations must be able to look at future needs broadly, understand changes and respond to challenges. It is essential to develop your competence, learn continuously, stay curious, and expand your perspective.

The growth and development of individual employees benefit the entire organisation. Education boosts an individual's career and the whole organisation's competitiveness if used correctly. When a manager develops and grows, the whole organisation develops.

An EMBA degree boosts competence in a wide range of areas

An Executive MBA programme aims for business executives to expand their knowledge of business life and broaden their perspective. Participants in an EMBA programme share a desire to develop their business expertise and leadership skills. It is a practical programme based on a solid theoretical framework.

The EMBA degree enhances know-how and competence in different areas of business. It increases understanding and provides in-depth, up-to-date information about strategic management and an organisation's operations and financial management in general. Awareness of the latest business trends, technologies and strategies also helps develop your organisation.

The development of leadership skills is a big part of the Hanken EMBA programme. It focuses on developing the capabilities required for strategic thinking, decision-making, communication and teamwork. Developing as a leader also means personal growth, which benefits one's career and personal life.

In the EMBA programme, you study with others interested in the same things. It offers the opportunity to network with other professionals working in management positions. Networking opens new doors in working life, provides professional peer support and helps your career.

Highly skilled employees are a company's competitive advantage

Top experts and executives share a constant willingness to develop. They have the desire and motivation to become better at their work and the ability to let go of old habits that don't work. Education boosts your skillset and allows you to take on more challenging roles and tasks. It brings more certainty and understanding into the business.

A person with an EMBA degree is also a company's competitive advantage and can generate considerable added value for the employer. Because the programme develops management skills, promotes networking opportunities and contributes to professional growth, the employee is even stronger and more ready to develop their work and the entire business.

How to apply

Application and selection process

Step 1: Application

To apply to the programme, you must submit a complete application to the Hanken Executive MBA office before the deadline. You will receive an acknowledgement that your application and the references have been received.

Step 2: Interview

If you are short-listed, you will be invited for an interview held in English. You are required to bring your original degree certificates and transcripts to the interview. Please note that being selected for an interview does not guarantee admission to the programme.

Step 3: Admission decision

A careful selection of candidates is conducted and the final admission decision is taken by the Dean of Executive Education at Hanken where after all applicants will be informed.

Step 4: Confirmation of participation

The selected applicants receive a notice of the admission decision and the enrolment is signified by a study contract. The selected applicant confirms his/ her participation in the programme by signing and returning the study contract.

Apply here


Programme fee is 46 000 Euro (+VAT).

The fee includes material costs and modules abroad, except for travel and accommodation costs.

Admission requirements

To be eligible for the Hanken Executive MBA programme, you must fulfil the following requirements:

Bachelor's degree or higher in any field
A Bachelor's degree, in any field, is required for admission to the programme. However, if you do not hold a Bachelor's degree, but you fulfil all other requirements and have a strong professional background, please contact the EMBA office for further information.

A minimum of five years of relevant professional experience
The Hanken Executive MBA programme is designed for experienced professionals. The participants in our programme have an average of 13 years of professional experience. The professional experience will be judged from case to case.

High level of English proficiency
A high level of spoken and written English proficiency is required as the programme is conducted in English. The level of written English proficiency will be evaluated based on the application form and the oral proficiency demonstrated during the interview.

    In addition, we expect you to meet at least one of the following criteria:

    • You are in a managerial position; in charge of leading people, complex projects or entities
    • You are an experienced senior expert, with responsibility for large entities, and want to broaden your expertise
    • You are an entrepreneur with an established business
    • You are a top talent with a solid track record of exceptionally high performance (in career development, studies, etc.) and strong recommendations

      Meeting these minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the programme, but allows you to be invited for a personal interview and be considered in the further selection process.

      Selection criteria

      We select a maximum of 30 experienced and talented professionals, who wish to become better strategic leaders and decision-makers.

      Selection is based on a combination of the applicant's professional experience, educational background, leadership potential, interpersonal and cultural skills as well as motivation.

      We highly value a willingness to learn from others in the Executive MBA group and the ability to share your own knowledge and experience. Employer and family support is also of significance. Fluency in spoken and written English is essential as the programme is conducted in English.

      Each new group of Executive MBA participants is carefully selected by the EMBA staff. We try to select a heterogeneous group of people. A more diverse group increases in-group learning as the diversity broadens the bases for discussions and include different perspectives.

      Info meeting

      Get your questions answered and find out more about the Hanken Executive MBA, the learning process and methods. We schedule the meeting according to your preferences of timing and place. The meeting can be done either face-to-face or online.

      Book a meeting


      The Hanken Executive MBA modules are facilitated by dedicated Hanken faculty and experienced and renowned lecturers at the forefront of their respective fields, along with visiting top-level corporate and academic experts. By combining insights from academic experts, company representatives, and participants, we ensure a natural dialogue between academia and business.

      Below you will find a selection of our experts in the Executive MBA programme.

      Strategic leadership

      Janne Tienari, Mergers and Aquisitions
      Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Mats Ehrnrooth, Strategic HRM
      Associate Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Mikko Vesa
      , Management and Organisation
      Associate Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Suvi Nenonen, Strategic Thinking
      Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

      Liisa Välikangas, Organising for resilience

      Service business and innovation

      Tore Strandvik, Sense Making of Market Disruptions
      Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Paul Viio, Service and relationship orientation purchasing, sales and pricing

      Pekka Helle, Service business approach
      SSE Riga

      Finance and controlling

      Gonul Colak, Corporate Finance
      Professor of Finance, Hanken School of Economics

      Henrik Palmén, Finance
      Senior Lecturer, Hanken School of Economics

      Anders Tallberg, Management and Financial Accounting, Management control systems
      Senior Fellow at Hanken & SSE Executive Education

      Hanna Silvola, Integrated reporting (ESG and Financial)
      Associate Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Sustainable business in a global context

      Martin Fougere, Corporate Responsibility
      Associate Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Roger Wessman, Macroeconomics

      Topi Miettinen, Microeconomics
      Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Nari Lee, Intellectual Property Rights
      Professor, Hanken School of Economics

      Leadership development sessions incl. coaching

      Peter Zashev, Leadership Development
      Adjunct Professor & Program Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education

      Pernilla Gripenberg, Leadership Development
      Ph. D. (Econ) & Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education

      Coaching by certified coaches

      An Executive MBA offers top-tier leadership development

      An executive MBA grows leaders

      Leadership is about getting people to work effectively together towards goals. Executive leadership means managing whole entities, communication skills, people skills, understanding economics and foresight.

      Education and training provide a structured and goal-oriented way to learn and grow as a leader and gain the needed tools. Executive training lets you update your knowledge, develop skills, expand perspectives, network and receive valuable feedback.

      An Executive MBA (EMBA) is an educational programme for experts and leaders that develops business and management skills. Leadership training combines theory with practice and provides in-depth information on management theories, practices and concepts that can be applied in practical work situations in your organisation.

      Executive education supports individual development in at least the following competence areas:

      Strategic thinking and decision-making models: An executive must engage in deep strategic thinking and understand decision-making models. They must be able to analyse alternative solutions and their effects on the entire organisation's success. Executive programmes offer the expertise and experience of mentors and coaches, who help learn and adopt the necessary strategic thinking and decision-making.

      Leadership skills: Leadership skills are tested in everyday work, such as in communication and interaction, team building, negotiations and resolving conflicts. Execution of tasks and resolving situations are more effortless when the leader has sufficient knowledge and practical skills to act in whatever conditions come up.

      Functioning in different environments: The education programmes bring people together and provide an opportunity to network with other experienced leaders. EMBA programs also provide international networking opportunities, familiarising participants with different business cultures and global challenges. Networking enables the exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and gaining new perspectives, and helps managers develop their ability to work in multicultural and international environments.

      Management philosophy: The EMBA programme helps executives expand their management skills and develop their management philosophy. Participants learn value leadership, creating a vision and bringing inspiration to the organisation. Executive training also encourages you to explore your strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. This self-knowledge helps you develop into a better leader and builds on your strengths.

      The Hanken Executive MBA supports the growth and renewal of the entire organisation

      Education and learning are always an investment in developing as a leader. For example, an Executive MBA can have a significant impact on both the development of an individual's skills and the success of the entire organisation. It challenges participants in strategic and analytical thinking and management skills.

      The Hanken Executive MBA programme supports the growth and renewal of leaders and organisations. Hanken & SSE Executive Education, which runs the program, is part of Hanken and the Stockholm School of Economics, which offers management development and education in Helsinki, Vaasa, Stockholm, Oslo and Riga. The leadership training combines high-quality academic insight and international business expertise.

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      My Hanken EMBA experience

      Meet some of our alumni and hear what they have to say about the Hanken Executive MBA programme.

      Katja Knuutinen & Osamah Al-Ogaili

      "It gave me the feeling that now after time has passed, to be able to make a change in this world."

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