12 Dec 2022

What is unique about the Hanken Executive MBA?

Why choose the Hanken Executive MBA? How is the programme unique? We interviewed our programme director and two current Hanken EMBA participants to get answers to these questions. Watch the video and hear their opinions. 

In the video: 

Programme director: Henrich Nyman from Hanken & SSE Executive Education
Hanken EMBA student: Maarit Uusitalo, Control Room Management at Fingrid Oyj
Hanken EMBA student: Kurt Bossuyt, Executive Vice President, Services at Raute Oyj

Who is the Hanken Executive MBA for? 

Hanken Executive MBA is designed for individuals who want to strengthen their leadership skills and decision-making skills. 

What does flexibility mean in the programme? 

Flexibility means that an individual can start at different points in time. The programme always starts in October, but there is also an entry point in March. Starting in October means a 24-month study track. 

The content for the participants becomes relevant from applying the learnings from the modules in their own context. 

What are the groups like?

It is typical for the Hanken Executive MBA that the groups are small - and it's intentional. A small group size means between 20 and 30 participants, which makes it possible to work with a strong focus on the co-creation of the learning experience, where people can trust each other and share information and learn from each other. 

"I have really enjoyed group sessions and the teamwork because people are not afraid to share their experiences. We have good competence in the group and we learn from each other. I think that's the most important thing for me. The group is small and we get really good discussions, so the small group sizes have also a strategic point of view. We have a mixed group and we get really good lectures," tells Uusitalo.

Bossoyt also adds: "We have a very diverse group in our team. We have people from various countries; Mexico, Iraq, Japan, Sweden and myself from Belgium, but in addition to the cultures, also the various backgrounds from the different industries and different managerial levels, make it truly amazing to work together."

Coaching as part of the programme

Leadership development and coaching in the Hanken EMBA mean that we have separate sessions, where we focus on developing the leadership skills of the participants, also with the help of individual coaching by certified coaches. 

Why is the Hanken EMBA unique?

"In my opinion, the Hanken Executive MBA is unique because of the careers that the various lectures have, combining that with the theoretical frameworks and the research they have done, is truly amazing," tells Bossoyt about his experience.

In the EMBA we create an atmosphere where you really can co-create the learning and learn from each other. 

Why is networking an important feature of the programme?

Networking is an important feature of the Hanken Executive MBA. It's organised in a way that our participants meet and work together with other participants from other study tracks. 

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