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8 Apr 2021

The Hanken EMBA gave a chance to turn the career into another direction

Jussi Roine is CEO and Partner of North Advisors. Watch Jussi share his experience and main learnings of the Hanken Executive MBA.

"I would definitely recommend the Executive MBA. It will force you to reflect and think, about what sort of a career am I building for the future?"

Imagine that you are at the crossroads, giving yourself permission to turn around or turn in a different direction, than just the one that you've been traveling for the past years. The Executive MBA gives you a chance to turn your career in another direction. 

I work a lot with technology, but I don't have to work that much with finance. In the programme, we were given a book called The Foundations of Finance. Finance is the thing I knew the least about, but it's also the thing that will give me the most if I can internalize these findings. So, I got the book, and I read it twice. 
There were also some topics I was already familiar with, but it was refreshing to work in the group - to understand other aspects of the topics. 

I liked the diversity of the group, that we had people with different backgrounds and people with different experiences. It was refreshing to talk with somebody about their experience in a totally different industry, which I knew very little about. I like to think that I got more empathy for working with other people.

"I was considering doing additional studies for 10 years. I figured that the Executive MBA would be the degree and education for the rest of my life. "

This degree for life was sort of the goal I began the whole journey with. You have to enjoy the journey. It's fun, don't stress too much. There are a lot of things you have to do, but begin with small steps - and it happens almost by magic. 

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