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3 May 2022

Hanken Executive MBA refreshed the knowledge on corporate topics

Outi Waltari is Senior Transformation Consultant at Telia. Outi took part in the Hanken Executive MBA programme, hear what she has to say about the journey.

When I heard about this sort of a programme, it just felt like the right choice for me, and I didn't really think twice about joining the programme.  If you want to refresh your knowledge on corporate topics, the Hanken Executive MBA is really good, because it's very practical. I think that the practical side of the programme is really suitable for people who are rather experienced already and want to expand their horizons. The things you have learned 10-15 years ago in the university have already changed.

"Everything regarding corporate change was super relevant for me because I work in global transformation, and we work with massive changes on a daily basis."

I feel more open-minded about what I want or can do in the future, and I also see more opportunities now. I got new friends from the programme and we keep in touch almost every day. In the programme, there were people from different backgrounds and different industries. People had various opinions, which made the discussions interesting. 

"Of course it's tough but if something is not challenging, it's not really rewarding in the end, right?"

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