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10 Dec 2021

Vice President encourages to take time for Executive MBA studies

Stefan Wiik works as a Vice President at Wärtsilä and took part in the Hanken Executive MBA programme. Hear Stefan's thoughts about the programme.

An Executive MBA has been very long on my agenda. Many people think they don't have the time for it, but they actually don't take the time for it.

"We live in a world where things are changing very fast, and you need to adapt your leadership style to the continuous change."

The different modules of the programme have been really helpful in my daily life. There are very interesting modules, but to pick a few,  the financial modules were really good, and also the modules regarding strategy and how you develop a strategy. I also enjoyed the module regarding social responsibility. When it comes to leadership and leadership modules, they have actually been really good for me in many different aspects. I have learned different techniques and frameworks, and I used leadership and change management as the topic in my final EMBA thesis.

I would recommend doing an EMBA at Hanken to actually anyone who would like to excel in their profession. I guess you think that you don't have the time.

"My advice would be that you will never get the time if you don't take the time."

It has been very rewarding. I would do it again actually. The only advice I have is just do it, go for it. You're going to enjoy it.

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