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29 Oct 2020

By completing the Hanken EMBA, you invest in yourself and in your company

Mari Haavisto is a Director of Communications and Responsibility at EK Confederation of Finnish Industries. Mari took part in the Hanken Executive MBA programme, hear what she has to say about the journey.

I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is interested in learning new things about business, finance, and strategy.

One of the most valuable things for me in the Hanken Executive MBA programme was strategy - and learning more about it. One of our teachers gave us a lecture about strategy by playing jazz to us. What can we learn about strategy by seeing an orchestra playing? That was really funny and a great learning experience at the same time.

"I had planned that I have a certain amount of time to use for the programme, but I actually used more because I really got into it."

Of course, it's something that you invest in yourself and of course, you invest something for your company as well. I think our group was actually the best thing I got from the Hanken Executive MBA, because of how well we connected together, and it was so great when everyone in the group wanted to invest in their future and wanted to learn from each other. The spirit of our group was amazing.

"I have picked a lot of things from the programme that I can actually use in my current work."

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