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5 Nov 2020

A sales manager's view on how to create long term value through the Hanken EMBA

Harry Sjögren is a sales director at DNA Business. Watch Harry share his experience and main learnings of the Hanken Executive MBA.

The main reason why I chose to do the Hanken Executive MBA was that I wanted to develop my leadership skills. The learning experience was a long process for me. I liked the theories but they were very difficult to understand in the beginning, because I was not used to them as tools in my leadership style. 

In the beginning, I was also a bit sceptical about the frameworks and literature. I thought that the literature and academic reviews won't be that helpful. But actually, these were perfect to combine with my straightforward world. During the programme, I also started to understand how important it is to work in groups and not to tell other people what to do, but more to listen, ask and use the skills of the group. 

"I feel that people who take the Executive MBA, start to think wider."

It was very interesting to actually understand different kinds of cultures and nationalities, as we had 8 nationalities in our group. Many of us leaders are only looking for short-term targets in our current business, or whatever we are doing. In my opinion, Hanken Executive MBA brings a wider perspective on how to create value in long term also. After this programme, my employer gets more value from me as a sales leader, because I can create more value for the company and the employees in my team. 

"I am sure that by doing this programme, both the participant and the company will have a win-win situation."

The other reason why I really enjoyed the programme, was that you get a good network of advisors, from who you can ask for help also after this programme.
So you should take the Hanken Executive MBA!

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