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29 Jan 2024

Take your skills to the next level with an EMBA degree

Take your skills to the next level with an EMBA degree

In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, staying ahead requires continuous learning and a commitment to personal growth. For executives and top professionals, embracing change, understanding future needs, and responding to challenges are paramount. One effective way to take your skills to the next level is by pursuing an Executive MBA (EMBA) degree. 

Embracing Change for Career Growth

The tasks and the skills required in working life are constantly changing. The executives and top experts of companies and organisations must be able to look at future needs broadly, understand changes and respond to challenges. It is essential to develop your competence, learn continuously, stay curious, and expand your perspective.

The growth and development of individual employees benefit the entire organisation. Education boosts an individual's career and the whole organisation's competitiveness if used correctly. When a manager develops and grows, the whole organisation develops.

An EMBA degree boosts competence in a wide range of areas

An Executive MBA programme aims for business executives to expand their knowledge of business life and broaden their perspective. Participants in an EMBA programme share a desire to develop their business expertise and leadership skills. It is a practical programme based on a solid theoretical framework.

The EMBA degree enhances know-how and competence in different areas of business. It increases understanding and provides in-depth, up-to-date information about strategic management and an organisation's operations and financial management in general. Awareness of the latest business trends, technologies and strategies also helps develop your organisation.

The development of leadership skills is a big part of the Hanken EMBA programme. It focuses on developing the capabilities required for strategic thinking, decision-making, communication and teamwork. Developing as a leader also means personal growth, which benefits one's career and personal life.

In the EMBA programme, you study with others interested in the same things. It offers the opportunity to network with other professionals working in management positions. Networking opens new doors in working life, provides professional peer support and helps your career.

Highly skilled employees are a company's competitive advantage

Top experts and executives share a constant willingness to develop. They have the desire and motivation to become better at their work and the ability to let go of old habits that don't work. Education boosts your skillset and allows you to take on more challenging roles and tasks. It brings more certainty and understanding into the business.

A person with an EMBA degree is also a company's competitive advantage and can generate considerable added value for the employer. Because the programme develops management skills, promotes networking opportunities and contributes to professional growth, the employee is even stronger and more ready to develop their work and the entire business.

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