Superpower and Kryptonite copy

15 min
Level of difficulty
Paper and a pen

When to use this exercise

You can use this exercise when you want to reconnect with your positive and negative tendencies or as we like to call it - your Superpower and Kryptonite. This exercise can be done once or twice, however, since our skills are shifting and developing over time, we recommend you use this exercise monthly. If you only do the exercise once, follow steps 1-3 below.


The purpose of this exercise is to reconnect with both your positive and negative sides and to understand that these sides are not defined as either good or bad. Instead, depending on how you use them, they are defined to help you or harm you. This exercise attempts to show you that your different sides are not as black and white as they may seem. By adjusting your Superpower and Kryptonite they can both help instead of harm. 


  1. Take a minute and think about your skills and areas that need development 
  2. Write down your one Superpower, a positive, and one Kryptonite, a negative, only one in each case
  3. Reflect on the factors that you wrote down and consider how neither is good nor bad
  4. Continue writing down one more Superpower and Kryptonite, once a month or once a week
  5. After some time, you have built a list of all your Superpowers and Kryptonites and you can reflect on what they all tell about you. You can ask yourself for example the following questions, "how do I usually use them?" or "how can I adjust them, so they help me instead of harm me?"

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