What's your sentence?

15 min
Level of difficulty
Paper and a pen

When to use this exercise

Use this easy, yet insightful, exercise when you wish to reflect on your life, achievements, and skills. What makes you special and how would you like to be remembered? Sum up your life in one sentence and create a sense of clarity.


The purpose of this exercise is to reconnect with yourself and think about one overriding thing that best describes and manifests who you are. While brands have tag lines, books have titles, and articles have headlines, people rarely sum up their own lives. This exercise helps you to sum up your life and highlight the parts that you want to be remembered for.


  1. Start by thinking about one thing that people think of when they hear your name. If you don’t come up with one thing you could ask your friends and family.
  2. Next, reflect on what you are known for or would want to be remembered for. For example, do you spread joy wherever you go, or do you have the skills of a leader? Perhaps you are a successful athlete or perhaps you have a good work-life balance?
  3. When you come up with one overriding thing in your life, reflect if it is authentic to you and if it matches your values.
  4. Write down one sentence that sums up your life, based on the reflections you just did. Remember that the sentence is not permanent and that you can always refine it as you gain new experiences, insights, and values. 

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