Memory wall

20 – 30 min
Level of difficulty
Paper and pens

When to use this exercise

Memory wall is a great exercise when you have a team-building activity. The exercise gives you and your team a better understanding of your organisation’s culture by fostering relationships and improving the mutual trust within the team.


The purpose of the exercise is to create stronger bonds with your colleagues, by encouraging your entire team to share positive memories related to your workplace.


  1. Hand out a few sheets of paper and pens to each participant.
  2. Ask the participants to reflect on the past and to write down positive memories of shared experiences related to your workplace.
  3. After 15 minutes, ask the participants to draw their favourite memory from the list on a fresh sheet of paper.
  4. Once everyone has drawn their favourite memory, ask the participants to tape their drawings to the wall to create a memory wall.
  5. Finally, ask each participant to tell more about the memory in their drawing and why it became the most important one. 

Tip: Create a list of topics that team members can use if they’re struggling. For example, their first day at work, challenges they’ve faced and solved, moments with friends at the office, accomplishments they’ve achieved as a team, or a project that involved creativity or was particularly fun.

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