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Sustainable Finance

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3 Nov 2023
Module Location
Helsinki, Online

Programme overview

Sustainable business is successful business. Sustainability and the change toward a carbon-neutral society challenge companies to renew their strategy, operations, and reporting and to ensure the conditions for financing also in the future. Integrating corporate responsibility reporting into the audited annual report transfers the responsibility of the sustainability indicators to the company board. Therefore, responsibility aspects will also be even more central to the management agenda, as they are part of financial management and profitable business.

The upcoming changes in sustainability reporting will affect all companies – either in the form of mandatory reporting requirements, access to finance, price or customer requirements and market pressure. Do you know how these will affect your business?

Through the Sustainable Finance programme, you will understand what kind of changes in business management and reporting your company needs to prepare for to build a strategic competitive advantage from a sustainability perspective. The programme focuses on the economic aspect of sustainability and discusses the fundamental concepts of sustainable development and responsible enterprise, the measurement of the different perspectives of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and the critical reporting reference frameworks (GRI, SASB, TCFD) and sustainability ratings. In addition, the programme will focus on future EU sustainable finance legislation and its expected impact on business, in particular sustainability reporting and access to finance.

Programme content & structure

3 Nov 2023
Materiality of ESG issues (online)
15 Nov 2023
EU legislation on sustainable finance (Helsinki)
30 Nov 2023
European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) (online)
14 Dec 2023
Building sustainable competitive advantage (online)

Who the programme is for

The programme is suitable for people who in their role need a deep understanding of sustainability and corporate responsibility themes, linked to strategic leadership, measurement, reporting or financing. The programme is especially suitable for those working in management, board or expert positions for whom sustainable finance understanding is critical.

Benefits & value

Benefits for you

  • Gain new insights into sustainable finance as a whole
  • Understand the requirements of sustainable business in a global business environment and in the EU
  • Understand the EU Sustainable Finance package and its overall impact
  • Be able to analyse the ESG's impact on your company's business and operating environment

Benefits for your company

  • Expertise in building a sustainable and profitable business in the coming years
  • New competence in developing sustainability reporting
  • Preparing for the obligations and requirements of the EU Sustainable Finance package in business management
  • Preparing for the impact of the proposed CSRD on sustainability reporting
  • Expertise in acquiring the right kind of partners to develop sustainability reporting

My Sustainable Finance journey

Hear Josefina Tallqvist's thoughts on why the Sustainable Finance programme at Hanken & SSE Executive Education is an insightful experience.

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4200 € + VAT per person


Image for Hanna Silvola
Hanna Silvola
Ph.D. Econ. Associate professore at Hanken School of Economics.
Image for Hanna Setterberg
Hanna Setterberg
Ph.D., Stockholm School of Economics.
Image for Hanna Liappis
Hanna Liappis
Entrepreneur and sustainability expert.
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Aila Aho
Senior advisor.