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28 Feb 2023

My Sustainable Finance journey - Josefina Tallqvist

The Sustainable Finance programme prepares you for the upcoming changes in financial reporting and gives you tools to navigate the ESGs. Hear Josefina Tallqvist's thoughts on why the Sustainable Finance at Hanken & SSE Executive Education is an insightful experience. 

By joining the Sustainable Finance programme, Josefina Tallqvist, Senior Advisor and Partner at Bravura, wished to update her knowledge and gain more confidence in the sustainability spectrum. "A lot of things are changing in the regulatory environment and new kinds of reporting requirements are coming up in terms of ESG. At the same time, we have all kinds of social and environmental issues going on that create quite an urgent environment", Josefina explains. 

"The programme really gave me confidence and facts and more insights into what this part of this whole reporting and communication spectrum is all about."

When considering joining a development programme, Josefina was concerned about time. "I think one of the struggles I have, like probably most other people who are working, is that you don't have time." She wanted to join a programme where she could get an update from somebody who's in the field and who has done a lot of research on the topic. With Hanna Silvola as the programme director for Sustainable Finance, Josefina felt confident she would get the latest insights on the topic.

When reflecting on the programme's impact and who would benefit from joining the programme, Josefina explains that anyone working in finance really needs to understand these things to some extent. Josefina also mentions that it would be interesting to consider whether board members should join this type of programme to deepen their knowledge of the regulations and reporting requirements.

"Anyone working in finance needs to understand these things to some extent."

Josefina concludes that the programme was a nice tight four days, spread over a few weeks. "Anybody who's working in finance should really think about these topics and I think this was a good programme for that."

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