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Accounting Performance

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Programme overview

Accounting performance is a benchmarking and development programme focused on developing financial accounting processes and professionals in large multinational companies.

It offers participating companies the opportunity to annually send 3-6 senior financial accounting experts to discuss, benchmark and develop financial accounting processes and practices, discuss emerging issues in depth, and establish a deep professional peer network. The benchmarking projects and discussions are covered by a joint non-disclosure agreement.

The programme content is built on contributions from Hanken & SSE academic experts, senior keynote speakers from the industry and professional insights from our content partner PwC.

Programme content & structure

The programme has a strong focus on core professional content: International Financial Reporting Standards big picture, links to statutory reporting, taxation, transfer pricing, company law and allocation of capital in multinational groups. We emphasize linking these issues to earning logic, strategy, financial ratios and valuation models and to Integrated Reporting and CSR/sustainability considerations. 

We consider how to organise and structure financial accounting/Shared Services and Centralisation (SSC) operations for efficiency, resilience, agility and the links and interfaces to other processes and functions. How do we measure and manage efficiency and quality in financial processes? What can we do with analytics and robotics?

20 - 22 September 2023: Process excellence – start of the journey

30 - 31 October 2023: Digital excellence – robotics and analytics

13 - 14 December 2023: Sustainable excellence – ESG issues

Who the programme is for

The Accounting Performance Programme is for large multinational companies with relatively well developed financial accounting processes and shared service centers. The individual participants selected will typically be senior experts or managers with FA or tax roles at group, divisions or service centers.

The group of companies taking part is structured to exclude direct competitors and deep benchmarking by the participants is organised behind a joint NDA.

Benefits & value

Participating companies can offer their valuable and valued financial accounting professionals a great opportunity to learn, develop and network professionally, and will of course benefit from the benchmarking, sharing of best practices and enhanced competences that result.

Programme Director

Anders Tallberg

Anders Tallberg

Anders Tallberg is Senior Fellow at Hanken & SSE Executive Education. Anders was previously professor of accounting and head of the Department of Accounting at Hanken School of Economics. Anders has authored books, software and scientific papers on accounting. He is the director of many large Hanken & SSE development programs and has extensive experience of consulting engagements.

He has served as a board member, chair and CEO of several technology startup companies. He currently serves as the vice chairman of the Finnish Accounting Standards Board, and as a member of the Finnish Auditing Board.