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June 2020
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Personal development

Programme overview

Products and services have become obsolete overnight and new waves of competition from truly customer-oriented companies and start-ups have changed the business landscape. New business models and technologies have not only disrupted incumbents, but also created new jobs which demand new capabilities. Even change itself has changed. The frenzy of digitalisation, disruption, new technologies, start-ups and automatisation crave drastically different skill sets from leaders, ones that will help organisations navigate the rapidly changing business environment.

You and your company can now be among the first to navigate the fluid business environment and lead emerging ecosystems.

The program helps you turn future trends into strategies, to learn from pitfalls and success factors, to create powerful collaboration models and define the cornerstones of how to lead your teams to great results. We will hear from interesting speakers and get inspired from great success cases.

Building your business network of shakers of the future starts here!

Programme content & structure

Foresight, digitalisation and disruption. A future view and a new take on strategy work, digitalisation and framework for digital capabilities, creating an agile innovation culture for your business.

Collaboration, innovation and ecosystems. Collaboration in emerging and organic ecosystems, building networks and partnerships, mixing start-ups, corporations, universities, research institutions and government bodies. Mastering complex networks and ecosystems, agile collaboration models, with different business logics.

Purposeful leadership. Creating authentic purpose with values and culture that people want to fight for. Building the foundation for high performing teams, and self-leading organisations, inspiring people to proactively search for new opportunities.

Who the programme is for

The programme is for senior leaders with the objective of sparking new thinking and action in individual, company and ecosystem levels.

Benefits & value

  • Create great customer experiences encompassing digital and entire value networks.
  • Understand how business models will evolve and predict which business models will be relevant in the future.
  • Master complex networks and ecosystems, agile collaboration models with different business logic.
  • Create an authentic purpose and culture with values and principles that people want to fight for.
  • Gain a valuable business network of modern thinkers and doers.

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