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November 2021
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Organisational development, Personal development

Programme overview

Creating clarity about the future is a challenge most business leaders are facing in their role. Global trends and technologies are shaping the market at the same time as they create challenges to align the organisation and people to capitalise on the opportunities. By participating in the Liquid Leader programme you will become a more confident leader and a decision maker who inspires your team. Identify the opportunities and risks in your industry, actively shape your market and lead the culture within your company.

The program helps you turn future trends into strategies, to learn from pitfalls and success factors, to create powerful collaboration models and define the cornerstones of how to lead your teams to great results. We will hear from world class faculty and get inspired from great success stories and you will be guided to turn your insights into action during the journey.

Programme content & structure

From global trends and innovation to action. A future view on global trends and how technologies are transforming businesses. Create an innovation culture in your organisation and navigate threats and opportunities around you.

Shape your market and delight your customers. Engaging and shaping your market and adding value with sustainability at the core of your business. Creating and developing new businesses, ensuring genuine demand for your product and collaborating with your customer.

Energise your people and create high performance. Building a foundation for high performing teams, creating great company culture and an empowering purpose. Leading networks, virtual teams and self-leading organisations.

Who the programme is for

The programme is for senior leaders with the objective of sparking new thinking and action in individual, company and ecosystem levels.

Benefits & value

  • Get a clear understanding how global trends impact both the market, your company and your business model.
  • Identify the threats and opportunities around your business and plan forward.
  • Understand how to design development initiatives together with your customer.
  • Insights how to adapt the market to your business and how to link sustainability to your core business.
  • Get relevant models to drive change and understand how to lead in a complex world to energise your people and create high performance.


Image for Sari Kola
Sari Kola
Program Director, Doctor of Science (Tech.), Entrepreneur, Researcher
Image for Kaj Storbacka
Kaj Storbacka
Researcher, Professor, Markets and Strategy
Image for Kjell A. Nordström
Kjell A. Nordström
PhD, Swedish economist, writer and public speaker
Image for Patrick Furu
Patrick Furu
Ph.D. Economics, Adjunct Professor of Management
Image for Mattias Axelson
Mattias Axelson
PhD., Affiliated Researcher
Image for Andreas “Anttu” Forsberg
Andreas “Anttu” Forsberg
Founder and CEO, Leadership Anthropologist, Behavioral Analyst

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Kaisa Michelsson
Associate Growth Area Director, Learning Solutions
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Michael Röllich
Commercial Director
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