Adjustment situations and outplacement

With over 30 years of experience in managing adjustment situations, change negotiations and career coaching, we will guide your organisation through every step of the adjustment process. We offer personalised solutions that adopt a human-centred approach while aligning with the company's values and business objectives.

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As your partner in adjustment situations we offer

  • Customised, high-quality solutions tailored to the specific needs of various employee groups.
  • Individual support for individuals facing lay-offs to help them discover new and meaningful opportunities.
  • Coaching for supervisors in leading through change and conducting dismissals with empathy and respect.
  • Support for HR and management in responsibly leading during times of change.
  • Coaching for the continuing organisation.
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Support for change negotiations

With over 30 years of experience in responsible leadership during periods of change and adaptation, along with career coaching, we offer personalised solutions that adopt a human-centred approach while aligning with the company's values and business objectives.

A responsible organisation takes care of both the leaving and remaining personnel in a redundancy situation while also caring for the employer image and reputation. Organisations may not always be able to handle all their obligations related to adjustment situations independently. Therefore it is worthwhile to seek the expertise and support of an external professional.

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"Get through changes successfully with open and safe communication."

Prepare for change negotiations 

When employees are let go, it disrupts what has been built together. Consequently, any changes affecting employees should be treated with seriousness, carefully planned, and thoughtfully implemented.

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Transition security

We tailor diverse transition security solutions for the organisation and individuals according to the different needs of the situation so that the organisation and dismissed employees can adapt to the situation as well as possible and even succeed in times of change.

It is recommended to discuss transition security matters with the representatives chosen by the company and to prepare for the redundancy processes and practices, even if no reductions are in sight. A responsible employer supports employees with career coaching that promotes employment and helps individuals develop their professional self-awareness, work-life and job-seeking skills and find a new meaningful professional solution.

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"A responsible employer supports all those dismissed for productional or financial reasons in finding new professional solutions."

Career coaching

Career coaching is a tailored solution that focuses on clarifying self-awareness, seeking career development opportunities, and finding a good professional career solution.

Our mission is to facilitate that the redundancy processes and termination agreement situations are handled as well as possible and that those leaving their jobs receive support as they transition towards something new. Responsibly acting employers support dismissed employees with effective career coaching.

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Career coaching supports experienced professionals who want to renew themselves or their careers.

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Support across borders

As a member of Arbora Global Career Partners, a distinguished international network for outplacement, career services, and leadership development, we take pride in providing high-quality support across borders alongside over 30 other firms worldwide. This means our support is not just local, but global, ensuring you get the best solutions no matter where you are.

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