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9 Oct 2019

The Hanken Executive MBA brings a lot of substance and confidence to your work

John Ekholm works as a CEO at Mekalasi and took part in the Hanken Executive MBA programme. Hear John's thoughts about the programme.

My name is John Ekholm and I'm the CEO of Mekalasi. I chose to do an Executive MBA because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of strategy and finance. 

I would say that networking is of course one good part of the programme. Programme itself also brings quite a lot of substance and confidence to your work. I was able to apply all of the modules or module assignments to my work. 

"The programme gave me a lot more confidence."

You think that you know things, but it's good that you get confirmation from these modules and from your peers as well. We were a very tight group, and we have a WhatsApp group where we communicate quite often. 

"It is truly valuable, that you can relate the problems and issues you have at work with your peers." 

For someone considering an EMBA, I would say just do it, just go for it! Don't hesitate. There is always something going in the way, but when you start, it will float quite well.  

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