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2 Sep 2022

Kiilto Explorer - Business grows when people grow

Kiilto Explorer - Business grows when people grow

The Kiilto EXPLORER leadership programme was developed to inspire Kiilto’s leaders and specialists to explore various aspects of impactful, daily leadership practices which allow people and businesses to renew and grow.

It’s common to ask: Who do I want to impact and what should I prioritise? How can I succeed in leading change, and engaging people with a purpose? How can I better lead myself, people and business? That’s why a group of Kiiltonians dived deep into these three leadership competencies in Kiilto Explorer: Courage, Leadership and Culture, a 4-month development programme, organised by Hanken & SSE Executive Education.

Greetings from the Explorers

Kiilto Poland’s Managing Director Maciej Trzoch describes his Explorer experience as an exciting and honest journey for himself and the people around him:

“Now I realize even more than before that knowing myself is the key to influencing others positively, to consciously lead the team in the intended direction. We’re all individuals and I’m convinced that exactly this diversity is one of our greatest advantages. It takes great courage and mutual trust within a team to be brave enough to experiment with something new and look for new ways, but also to have the guts to disagree without fear of criticism when having the feeling that we are going in the wrong direction.”

Kiilto’s Communications Manager Satu Makkonen describes the development programme as an insightful, adventurous and versatile learning journey:

“I especially liked the thorough start, where we were able to deep-dive into our own strengths and development areas. I’d also like to thank for the warm and open atmosphere that our Program Director Hannamari Kuosa was able to create. It was a key factor in enabling really honest self-reflection and fruitful, eye-opening discussions about leadership between us participants from different Kiilto countries.”

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Impact of the EXPLORER leadership programme

With the help of the EXPLORER leadership programme, Kiilto has taken a leap towards a more united leadership culture across business units, functions, and countries.​ Participants have acquired skills and tools for self-leadership, influencing, and coaching others, as well as new perspectives on Kiilto’s business and operations. They report a better understanding of their own strengths and ways of working in relation to Kiilto’s leadership principles. ​Kiilto EXPLORER gave the inspiration to look at one’s own work and role from a new angle. For some participants, it was even a life-changing experience as they understood the impact of being a self-authoring person. They are now the strongest advocates for changed attitudes in their teams.​

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