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Leadership and executive development

Leadership and executive development

Although the future is uncertain, what is certain is that people and people leadership will continue to be the central to business success.

There are as many leadership styles as there are leaders, but what is mutual for all leaders is impact. An impactful leader knows his own strengths and weaknesses and knows how to transform his or her leadership according to situations, teams and individuals. Inclusive communication is at the heart of impactful leadership.

When we work with management teams and conduct leadership coaching, we clarify where the desired impact comes from and also provide tools to increase the impact. In addition to abilities, leadership is about attitudes that enable us to open many locks, by reviewing and working on them.

The journey to impressive leadership is different for everyone, which is why we always take into account the requirements of your organisation's situation, strategy and business environment.

A successful executive management team ensures its renewal

A successful management team ensures its renewal, clarifies the interaction of their team and the way they work, and strengthens the coaching way of leading. A well-functioning management team renews itself and develops its operations based on the strategy. The group mirrors its renewal to the organisation's capability and competence needs.

Through our development programmes and coaching, management teams renew themselves on an individual and a team level. While the team strengthens its capabilities, competence, and way of working, individual management team members build their own development plan as a leader. We combine different development and group coaching methods, surveys, mapping, and self-assessment methods to support renewal.

Examples of management team development themes:

  • Management team operations in leading change
  • Identifying and managing strategic capabilities
  • Leading culture
  • Tasks and objectives of a new management team
  • Development and management of strategic competencies
  • Management team diversity, team dynamics and interaction

Does your organisation's leadership support your strategy?

Through our solutions, leaders get the tools to implement the strategy and make it functional in their own team.

A good, impactful leader understands the kind of management suitable for their organisation and its operating environment. Our development solutions identify impactful management skills and the strengths of the leader. We help the leader understand how to lead, renew and support individual team members in developing their competence.

Self-management is an essential part of leadership. A leader needs to know themself well, their strengths, and understand what motivates them to be able to lead others well. We support the leader's growth by using a number of methods, including self-assessments, strength mapping, 360-assessments and coaching processes.