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Brand X

Next programme starts
October 2019
Module Location
Stockholm, Helsinki
Programme type
Organisational development
Registration deadline
31 Oct 2019

Programme overview

Brand X is your custom-designed brand journey.

Many companies have great products and services but lack clear direction, a common story and tools to help them grow and create a long-term business impact. Growth strategies in the business landscape today, have driven companies to try many different approaches of which the impact has remained small and caused misalignment. Companies struggle with where to start and what to do when looking for growth. Strategies become goals without direction and CEO’s claim that after strategies have been set – very little happens. “It feels like we are stuck in a waiting room.”

Those companies that have achieved commercial success build it on a well defined and unique purpose that resonates with customer demands. This purpose provides direction, clarity and focus throughout the organisation, bridging long- and short-term accordingly. These commercially outside-in driven companies tend to outperform the market with a platform for long-term competitive success. Regardless of the starting point, most companies have a solid business but need to explore fresh ideas and identify new strategically aligned growth opportunities that drive profits, engage employees, excite customers and inspire investor confidence.

Programme content & structure

Brand X is a unique journey which includes a company specific audit for quick-wins and a long-term development roadmap. We combine technology with human processes, external market knowledge with internal operational excellence to create a platform for growth. Brand X will be the toolbox for success you always wished you had.

Our mission at Hanken & SSE Executive Education is to help you energise your commercial operations by combining great minds and sharing the secrets and methods of Swedish and international companies who have excelled, created new markets and opportunities for long term success. The true awareness and understanding of where your brand is and the way forward based on an outside-in approach that resonates to and drives customer demand. Brand X gives you the energy to speed up transformation towards your next step.

We are your independent second opinion giving an expert view, based on academic research and commercial experience from mind-blowing entrepreneurs to multinational companies. Our mission is to support you in creating an outside-in driven purpose that align the organisation to achieve long-term commercial success.

Together we will answer:

Why would your customers buy from you – what makes them tick, what makes you relevant?

Which brand position would you need to increase sales and create along-term competitive advantage?

How much growth do you need to increase your company value?

Which channels do you need and to what extent to make your customers loyal beyond reason?

How would you need to organise and unite the organisation to have one voice driven by a strong purpose?

Who the programme is for

The programme is for CEOs, CSOs, CDOs, CDMOs and CMOs who have a passion for improving the customer-centricity of companies and building a meaningful brand with long-term business impact.

The group of companies that take part is structured to exclude direct competitors and deep benchmarking by the participants is organised behind a joint NDA.

Benefits & value

  • To acquire capabilities to redefine the concept of marketing as the deserved strategic driver for growth
  • To find the tools and methods to make marketing mission critical and investments measurable
  • To recognise quick-wins and define long-term development initiatives to create and secure long term success
  • To get insights from leading Nordic experts to help you build an outside view
  • To understand what successful companies do and how they operate
  • To work on concrete change initiatives in your company


      Image for Erik Modig
      Erik Modig
      Programme Director, Assistant Professor SSE, Impact imperator
      Image for Leif Fågelstedt
      Leif Fågelstedt
      Independent marketing consultant, Commercial agenda guru
      Image for Malin Groop
      Malin Groop
      Entrepreneur and brand strategist, Insight and positioning forerunner
      Image for Fredrik Hallberg
      Fredrik Hallberg
      Media spending effectiveness conductor
      Image for John Ekman
      John Ekman
      Online conversion oracle

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