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Adjustment situations affect the entire organisation

We don't speak for redundancies. We also do not comment on when a company should be allowed to terminate and when it should not. It is up to us to help ensure that redundancy processes are handled as well as possible and that those who leave receive support as they move towards new opportunities.

When the principles have been considered, the position of management, supervisors, and continuing personnel will be easier in the event of a cooperation situation that aims at staff reductions.

In adjustment situations, supervisors are also in a challenging position, as they may not have the means to cope with a new and difficult situation. When the figures get a face and stories, managers expect and need support from the employer. The same applies to the entire work community. A carefully planned and implemented adjustment situation has a positive impact on your work community and those leaving it.

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Don't be left alone in an adjustment situation

The company should discuss what kind of expertise and experience its management and supervisors have in similar situations and assess whether the change can be implemented on its own, or whether the situation requires the help of experts.

We act as a knowledgeable partner that understands the sensitivity of the situation. We support HR and management by ensuring that the adjustment situation is handled in a high-quality and consistent manner.

In our solutions, we always consider the business, legal and human aspects.

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