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Adjustment situations affect the entire organisation

Our job is to help to ensure that the redundancy processes are handled as well as possible and that those who have been made redundant receive support as they move towards new challenges. Responsible employers support employees who are made redundant with impactful career coaching.

In adjustment situations, managers are also in a challenging position, as they may not have the means to cope with a new and difficult situation. We create customised coaching for managers in redundancy situations that support the organisation's practices, processes, and legality.

The organisation should also ensure that the psychological contract of employees who are staying in the company, is maintained and that their level of motivation does not decrease significantly in adjustment situations.

In addition to the actual adjustment situation, it is also important for the management to think about strategic renewal and what measures should be taken to avoid a similar situation in the future. This requires, among other things, a meaningful vision of the future and competent communication among the entire company.

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Don't be left alone in an adjustment situation

The company should discuss what kind of expertise and experience its management and supervisors have in similar situations and assess whether the change can be implemented on its own, or whether the situation requires the help of experts. We act as a knowledgeable partner that understands the sensitivity of the situation. We support HR and management by ensuring that the adjustment situation is handled in a high-quality and consistent manner.

Change Training (MuutosKoulutus) in adjustment situations

Change Training is intended for a situation where the employer has to reduce its personnel or lay off employees until further notice. We act as a partner of the ELY Centre in Change Training for experts and management.

In our change security solutions, it is possible to include an option in which training supports the continuation of the participant's career. Together with our experts, we ensure that learning supports the search for a new solution in the job market.

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