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10 Jun 2022

My MBA Highlights journey - Marcus Reijonen

The MBA Highlights programme develops your competence in key business areas such as strategic leadership, customer-centric business design, marketing and sales and financial accounting. Hear Marcus Reijonen's thoughts on why the MBA Highlights at Hanken & SSE Executive Education is an insightful experience. 

When joining the programme, Marcus Reijonen, Human Resources Director at Sponda, expected to gain academic insights and practical tools to implement into his work. He also wished to deepen his understanding of other business areas. “MBA programmes are meant for understanding the wider picture of your business. It also provides insights into other businesses of different sizes functioning in different industries”, Marcus explains. Sponda had three participants joining the programme and according to Marcus, it was beneficial to have multiple people from the company joining as you are able to share the knowledge and implement the learnings as a group.

"We have been able to share the learnings, tools and experiences that we have gained throughout the programme, with our company."

Networking and learning together with the other participants was one of the most valuable parts of the programme, according to Marcus. "You will gain something, even if you are a more senior leader." Furthermore, Marcus thinks that as a leader it’s essential to understand the different business areas, roles, and challenges, and with the MBA Highlights, you are able to strengthen this knowledge.

"Professionally, I think the MBA Highlights strengthened the knowledge, understanding, and the experience I already had."

When reflecting on the MBA Highlights journey, Marcus explained that the programme supported his past knowledge, understanding and experience. "Personally, it’s always a journey and you need to throw yourself in there and really try to get the most out of it, and I think I was able to do that in the programme." The programme will be really useful for people moving into more senior positions, for example when moving from a specialist role into a more managerial or leader type of role, where you'll need to understand the wider scope of the business, Marcus concludes. 

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