Inspiration & new perspective

Beginner's mind

10 - 60 min
Level of difficulty
Notebook, paper or computer

When to use this exercise

This exercise can be used whenever you wish your mind to become more aware of the moment and be more mindful in your life. Reduce your autopilot mode and increase the level of mindfulness with the exercise by Lasse Lychnell. 


When we have done a task over and over again, we become more efficient in completing them. At the same time, however, we lose our beginner's mind, completing tasks without paying true attention. By shifting our attitude, our mind becomes more open to what is happening at the moment and with this easy exercise, you can practise using your beginner's mind in your daily tasks.


  1. Choose a task or a situation in your everyday life. It could be an administrative task, cooking dinner or walking home from the bus.
  2. Once you have selected a task or a situation, do it now as if it was the first time, despite you may have done it hundreds of times before.
  3. While working on the task pay attention to your thoughts and what you see and how you feel.
  4. After you have completed the task, write down your experiences in a journal or a document focusing on thoughts and things that may have surprised you. Reflect if you learnt something new about the situation and yourself.

Please note that the video below is part of a series of exercises and can be included in tailored programmes.

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