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9 Feb 2024

From student leader to Junior Project Manager at Hanken & SSE

From student leader to Junior Project Manager at Hanken & SSE

Daniel works as a Junior Project Manager at Hanken & SSE. His background is in finance and commercial law at Hanken School of Economics, where he also served as the president of the student union for a year.

How did you end up at Hanken & SSE?

During my studies at Hanken, I noticed that Hanken & SSE, a company that the student union collaborated with, was seeking new interns to join the team. I found the opportunity to work with a diverse range of customers and the chance to enhance my project management skills intriguing, so I applied. The rest is history. 

What's the best thing about your job?

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is collaborating with highly competent individuals who are truly passionate about delivering a valuable lifelong learning experience for our customers. I also have the privilege of working with many interesting companies, alongside a variety of inspiring and experienced faculty members. What I have always appreciated is that even as an intern, you are entrusted with responsibility and independence in your tasks. This means that from the outset, you have the opportunity to oversee aspects of a project or even manage smaller projects independently. 

How have your daily tasks changed from Trainee to Junior Project Manager? 

Now, as a Junior Project Manager, the level of responsibility has only increased. While I continue to assist more seasoned project managers with their work and projects, I also play a more prominent role in managing my own projects than I did previously. 

What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical workday for me can vary significantly; some days are focused on preparing for upcoming programmes and ensuring that ongoing projects are on track, while on other days, I support our program directors and faculty in delivering these programmes.

How would you describe yourself as a colleague?

As a colleague, I would describe myself as analytical and thorough, always eager to learn something new and quick to share a joke. 

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Daniel Karlsson
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