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8 Feb 2024

A journey of professional growth and meaningful impact

A journey of professional growth and meaningful impact

Johanna works as the Account Director and Interim Head of PR & Communication at Hanken & SSE. She returned to Hanken & SSE in October 2023 after working elsewhere for almost 4 years.

How did you end up at Hanken & SSE?

I joined Hanken & SSE in 2010 after leaving Nokia Uganda and returning to Finland. By then I had more than a decade of work experience in marketing, sales, and business development from a diverse range of industries (energy consulting, advertising, telecoms) both from Finland and from Africa. My educational background is in international politics and international business.

When joining Hanken & SSE, I knew almost nothing about the executive education industry and had only been a participant in education programmes offered by Nokia. However, my first stint at Hanken & SSE lasted 9 years, longer than anywhere else. I had the privilege to work with an enormous range of projects and customers, both in Finland and around the world, mostly as a Business Director. 

What's the best thing about your job?

One of the most meaningful parts of my job was setting up the Business Lead programme, a work-life programme supporting academically educated immigrants to find their foothold in the Finnish job market. It is one of the single most meaningful things I have accomplished throughout my career.

Inspired by my Business Lead experience, I left Hanken & SSE in January 2020 to co-found a recruitment agency for academically educated immigrants living in Finland, just a couple of weeks before COVID hit us. After 3.5 years at this job, I handed over my responsibilities there to a new CEO and found myself again working at Hanken & SSE.

What was so special about Hanken & SSE that made you come back?

Never before have I re-joined a company I have worked for; however, it was easy for me to again say Yes. And why was it so? I have never experienced a similar feeling of family anywhere I have ever worked, nor a similar combination of trust, freedom, team spirit, and intellectual stimulation.

And a feeling that I can truly be myself and be accepted and respected for who I am, including my faults. Based on my personal work experience ranging almost 30 years, 3 continents, 10 companies, and a diverse range of roles, I can say that Hanken & SSE is truly a great and bubbly place to work at. I am happy to talk to anyone interested in a sales or marketing role with us; please feel free to drop me an email.

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