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September 2021
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Organisational development

Programme overview

In HR it can be challenging to decide which initiatives to drive forward, on top of the important and busy daily work. HR today needs to be able to have the right kind of dialogue with other business leaders within their organisation. Decisive action from HR in close collaboration with senior management will create a workforce that can sustain whatever comes next in the future. What is the strategic value of your HR function to your company?

The Business Savvy HR programme will give you a wide understanding of business needs and drivers to help you initiate and lead the most  needed changes. The programme will help you take a proactive stance by becoming even more business savvy yourself. You will get support in maximising HR's potential in implementing your company’s strategy. 

Programme content & structure

You will get insights into why businesses need HR and how the role of HR varies in different situations. We will go through the most important business drivers, and how you can drive change even in a situation without authority.

We will have impactful and fun go-to-team tasks between the programme days. The next generation, our Hanken & SSE Future Challengers, will analyse your company’s communication and give their insightful and outspoken thoughts for you to develop on.

Who are the Hanken & SSE Future Challengers?

The Future Challengers are young students currently studying at Hanken. Connecting and working with the younger generation will give you a fresh perspective on your business and valuable ideas on how to develop in specific area to become future-proof.

Who the programme is for

The Business Savvy HR programme is for experienced HR professionals who want to ensure that they are a critical part of the business. Who seek to include their HR in transformation initiatives from the very beginning and that their novel ideas are implemented in the organisation. Ideally, the participants work as business partners or HR managers/ directors in a big or medium-sized company or are looking for to grow into these roles. Professional proficiency in English is required.

Benefits & value

Benefits for professionals

  • You will have a clear understanding of HR’s and your role as part of the business
  • You will become familiar with the most important financial business drivers and how you can impact them
  • You will gain insight into your HR’s strengths and development areas and define you wicked problems
  • You will get skills and tools for leading and influencing in networks and situations without authority

Benefits for organisations

  • A network of participants from diverse industries
  • New ways of thinking and practical tools and techniques for modern and influential HR work
  • Companies benefit from employees bringing increased value, through improved business understanding, analytical and influencing skills

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