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Business Economics for Engineers

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26 Sep 2023
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5 Sep 2023

Programme overview

Build greater confidence in your decision-making and achieve better profitability by demystifying finance and business economics. Through economic analysis, governance and balance you get a deeper understanding of your business and the main drivers of value. Business economics for engineers will broaden your expertise in business economics to help you see the bigger picture.

In the programme, you will improve your understanding of creating a basis for company reports, and interpret income statements and balance sheets. You will explore the purpose and uses of different calculations, and gain basic knowledge of contract law and tools and tips of how companies can implement a strategic way of working and how to develop their business and strategies to reach their long-term goals. 

Content & structure

Module 1 Financial analysis, financial planning and follow-up

26 Sep 2023
Accounting - an overview
Accounting concepts
Revenue, variable cost, fixed cost and profit
Break even analysis
In search of the correct profit – focus on the balance sheet
The financial statement gearbox
Accounting – a value adding activity or a necessary evil?
Key Performance Indicators from a strategic perspective
Financial KPI:s
Operative KPI:s
Financial management
Towards a comprehensive and coherent view
27 Sep 2023
Management accounting
Cost accounting
Contribution costing
Absorption costing
Different types of budgets
Using calculations for decision making

Module 2 Excel & Power BI, Contract law, Corporate strategy

24 Oct 2023
Excel & Power BI
Handling larger amounts of data
KPI – Key Performance Indicators
From Excel data to visual reports via Power BI
25 Oct 2023
Contract law
Agreement strategy
General terms and conditions
Delivery and transport of goods and risk transition
Review of goods and liability

Corporate strategy
Basic concepts
The strategy process
Selected strategy tools
Strategy implementation

Who the programme is for

The programme Business economics for Engineers is for people with a basic technical education (BSc or MSc in Technology) with a few years of work experience and with a will and need to strengthen and broaden their business skills.

Benefits and value

  • Understand business concepts and relationships in order to get greater confidence in making decisions, both operational and strategic
  • Improve the ability to use and understand basic accounting concepts by using key financial ratios
  • Learn how to analyse the company from different points of view
  • Understand where the company makes its money by going through the purposes and uses of different calculations
  • Learn how to calculate and analyse investments
  • Gain a basic knowledge of contract law
  • Look at the company based on strategic processes
  • Learn how to create visual reports via Power BI


The programme is based on active learning where the dialogue and exchange of experience between the participants is very important. We combine theoretical and practical aspects both in the content, and methods and provide tools and skills to understand different business processes that will affect the work within the company and the organisation.

The programme combines both individual exercises and group exercises relevant to your business.


The programme fee is 1590 euro + vat per participant. The price includes lectures, programme material and a digital diploma.




The faculty consists of professional lecturers from Hanken and experienced industry experts.

Image for Mikael Still
Mikael Still
Consultant, Entrepreneur and Board professional
Image for Henrik Höglund
Henrik Höglund
Associate Professor in Accounting
Image for Kjell Renlund
Kjell Renlund
Image for Boris Isaksson
Boris Isaksson
Consulting instructor

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Yvonne Högholm
Senior Project Manager
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