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Brand X

Next programme starts
February 2021
Module Location
Stockholm, Helsinki
Programme type
Organisational development
Registration deadline
31 Oct 2019

Programme overview

Any company wanting to win business needs to stand out and offer more than just products. Mainly focusing on what you do or what products you offer in your communication, diminishes the chances of your success. It can easily lead to your brand value not being competitive and as a result, you will see other companies winning business that you want. The problem, in simple terms, is that potential customers are aware of you but too few get excited.

One key ingredient to turn this situation around is a dynamic change in the way you approach the market and key stakeholders. In short, you need to think big, focus, develop and live a purpose-led communication that sparks the interest in customers, partners and employees based on an outside-in view. You need to turn your costs into investments that drive your corporate value.

Companies that have achieved commercial success build it on a well defined and unique purpose that resonates with customer demands. This purpose provides direction, clarity and focus throughout the organisation, bridging long- and short-term. These commercially outside-in driven companies tend to outperform the market with a platform for long-term competitive success. Regardless of the starting point, most companies have a solid business but need to explore fresh ideas and identify new strategically aligned growth opportunities that drive profits, engage employees, excite customers and inspire investor confidence.

Programme content & structure

Brand X is a unique journey which includes:

  1. A company-specific audit for quick-wins and development areas reviewed and signed off by management to secure a common agreement on areas to improve. This gives a second opinion for true awareness and understanding of the 'health' of your commercial strategy and raises development issues based on an outside-in customer-centric approach.
  2. A charted way forward making the commercial function mission-critical, answering to how you will drive and improve the value of your organisation, and how you will organise yourself to reach these actions.
  3. Insights and support from the team, fueled by the latest research and thought leaders in building the blueprint for commercial success you always wished you had.
  4. The #goBrandX power to make it happen.

    Together we will answer:

    How well is your company purpose defined and followed?

    How well do you use the brand and marketing to motivate employees internally?

    How well have you analysed your customers and done a segmentation analysis?

    How well have you defined your KPIs and how you will reach your targets?

    How well have you defined your brand identity and positioning? How well is it visible to the customer?

    Who the programme is for

    The programme is for CEOs, CSOs, CDOs, CDMOs and CMOs who have a passion for improving the customer-centricity of companies and building a meaningful brand with long-term business impact.

    The group of companies that take part is structured to exclude direct competitors and deep benchmarking by the participants is organised behind a joint NDA.

    Benefits & value

    • To acquire capabilities to redefine the concept of marketing as the deserved strategic driver for growth
    • To find the tools and methods to make marketing mission critical and investments measurable
    • To recognise quick-wins and define long-term development initiatives to create and secure long term success
    • To get insights from leading Nordic experts to help you build an outside view
    • To understand what successful companies do and how they operate
    • To work on concrete change initiatives in your company


        Image for Erik Modig
        Erik Modig
        Programme Director, Assistant Professor SSE, Impact imperator
        Image for Leif Fågelstedt
        Leif Fågelstedt
        Independent marketing consultant, Commercial agenda guru
        Image for Malin Groop
        Malin Groop
        Entrepreneur and brand strategist, Insight and positioning forerunner
        Image for Fredrik Hallberg
        Fredrik Hallberg
        Media spending effectiveness conductor
        Image for John Ekman
        John Ekman
        Online conversion oracle
        Image for Niklas Bondesson
        Niklas Bondesson
        Online conversion oracle

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