Smart working

The Pomodoro® Technique

130 min
Level of difficulty
A task you want to work on and a timer

When to use this exercise

This exercise is great whenever you want to tackle a task efficiently and keep yourself focused and productive. It eliminates unnecessary distractions and enhances motivation.


The Pomodoro technique is designed to improve your time management skills, especially in a self-leadership context. When working we are often distracted by several factors but with the Pomodoro technique, you work only on one task at the time. The technique splits your time into intervals, with a short break in between, with the attempt to maximise your concentration on one particular task.


  1. Decide on the task you want to complete
  2. Set your timer on 25 minutes and start working on the task
  3. Once the timer rings, end the work and take a short break (3-5 minutes)
  4. Set the timer again for another 25 minutes and continue working with your task
  5. Continue for four rounds, with 25 minutes working and 3-5 minutes breaks
  6. After the fourth round take a longer break (15-30 minutes)
  7. Start the exercise from the beginning

The “Pomodoro Technique®” and “Pomodoro®” are registered trademarks by Francesco Cirillo.

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