22 May 2023

Hanken & SSE Executive Education ranked #17 in the world by the Financial Times as part of SSE

Hanken & SSE Executive Education ranked #17 in the world by the Financial Times as part of SSE

As part of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Hanken & SSE remains the number one Nordic executive education house in the Financial Times rankings.

The prestigious ranking measures the quality of courses provided by business schools and other institutions around the globe.

SSE executive education, which Hanken & SSE Executive Education is a part of, secured first place in Northern Europe and 17th place in the world based on the criteria of quality, programme content relevance, and diversity and quality of participants. Hanken & SSE offers programmes in leadership, management and finance, catering to executives and senior managers seeking to enhance and renew their skills and knowledge.

Hanken & SSE is delighted with the ranking, which reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality executive education programmes that meet the needs of modern business leaders. The programme offers participants an opportunity to learn from leading experts in their respective fields while networking with peers.

Hanken & SSE's Executive Education CEO, Marc Hinnenberg, commented on the ranking: "We are proud to be recognised as one of the world's top providers of executive education. A big thank you goes to our customers, and this ranking reflects the hard work and dedication of our SSE family of staff, faculty, and participants in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative and impactful executive education programmes for years to come."

Open programme ranking

Custom programme ranking

Combined programme ranking

#13 out of 75 participating schools

#26 out of 75 participating schools

#17 out of 50 participating schools

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