Group and Team coaching

Group and Team coaching

Group and team coaching is beneficial in various transition phases and changes, for example, when you want to change leadership style or develop cooperation between teams or within a team.

Group and team coaching encourages cooperation and peer consultation, promotes networking within the organisation, and deepens trust. Both individual and group coaching are used to support another coaching process, especially to deepen the issues discussed in the coaching sessions or to support the implementation of the discussed matter into practice.

The impact we aim for

For the organisation 

  • Develop way of thinking, competence and culture to succeed in the future
  • Improve the transfer of the strategic dialogue and information between organisational units
  • Improved employee engagement
  • A competitive employer brand

For the individual

  • Professional development and career success 
  • Expansion of networks 
  • Personal growth

Group Coaching

Group coaching accelerates the implementation of change by focusing on essential issues. In coaching, we focus on identifying and utilising people's strengths and bringing out the participants' potential, which in turn promotes the transfer of new ways of working to daily work. Our experienced professional coaches challenge, spar, and support the coachee by choosing suitable methods for the situation.

Group coaching is beneficial in various transition phases and changes, for example, when you want to renew or introduce additional options to your leadership style. Coaching creates an opportunity for participants to pause together with colleagues to reflect on the themes of company and business management, challenge old ways of operating and find new operating models. At the same time, we also brush up on coaching leadership skills, which are also helpful in our everyday lives.

In group coaching, each participant has individual goals regarding a common theme. Group members can be colleagues from different departments or units, and there are usually around 5-6 participants. There are 5-6 joint meetings every 4-5 weeks.

Team Coaching

With the help of team coaching, the entire team and each team member's own role are developed. The coaching process is always customised to match each team's own goals. The entire operational team with a common goal participates in the team coaching process. The team coaching process typically lasts 6-8 months, as it takes time to implement a change or a new way of working. There are meetings about once a month.

Coaching is an effective method for:

  • improving the effectiveness and efficiency when there have been changes in the team, for example, new members have joined the team
  • the organisational structure has been renewed
  • when you want to implement an updated strategy into practice

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Certified coaches

Hanken & SSE's group and team coaches are professional coaches certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). The international coach certification determines that the coach has strong, proven coaching experience, regularly updated coaching knowledge and skills, and works according to ICF's ethical standards.

The coaching was tailored to be just right for me together with the career coach. There were no unnecessary sections. I particularly understood the importance of LinkedIn in todays labour market and boosted my self-esteem with the help of my career coach. I also understood that applying for a job is largely more than sending applications for open positions. I also gained excellent knowledge and understanding of myself, my strengths and achievements.

Coaching has forced me to think about what I want to use my expertise for and in which direction I want to take my career and spend my time. It has clarified my thoughts.

Kirsi Vine
Private banker and Entrepreneur