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The Finance Academy

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24 huhtik. 2024
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Embark on a transformative journey to financial excellence with our new and improved offering—the Finance Performance Academy! Building on the success of CPP (Controller Performance Program) and APP (Accounting Performance Program), we've elevated our portfolio to bring you a cutting-edge experience.

Immerse yourself in the various possibilities as the Finance Performance Academy redefines learning with a flexible format, introducing exciting new modules and tracks:

  • Accounting Performance Diploma
  • Controller Performance Diploma
  • Finance Leadership Diploma
  • Finance Technology Diploma

Why settle for ordinary when you can excel with extraordinary skills? Elevate your career with the unmatched advantages of the Finance Performance Academy. Contact us and let's chart your course to success together!

Accounting Performance Diploma

The Accounting Performance Diploma is for Financial Accounting (FA) and SSC professionals in service centers, country units or groups, who wish to develop and benchmark together with peers. 

The programme gives you insights into how to design, develop and operate highly automated finance processes, how to deal with the need to create a robust, auditable and efficient base for the rapidly emerging sustainability reporting requirements, and how to take into account the latest developments in corporate direct and indirect taxation and financial reporting standards.

The programme starts 24 April 2024.

Content and structure

24 –
 26 huhtik. 2024
Developing efficient finance processes
12 –
 14 kesäk. 2024
Sustainability and ESG reporting
21 –
 23 elok. 2024
Corporate taxation

Finance Leadership Diploma

The Finance Leadership Diploma is for senior finance professionals who want to discuss and develop their skills in designing and leading finance functions, or parts of them.

The track improves your skills in communication and interaction and takes a deep dive into the art and science of creating and managing high-performing finance teams, where diversity is turned into an advantage. The final module considers change agency and change management in finance teams and organisations, supporting and driving projects and continuous evolution.

Programme starts 12 August 2024.

Content and structure

12 –
 14 elok. 2024
(Dates to be confirmed) Finance leadership and communication
16 –
 18 lokak. 2024
High performance finance teams
20 –
 22 marrask. 2024
Finance function renewal and change

Controller Performance Diploma

The Controller Performance Diploma is for Business Controllers who want to be part of taking business controlling to the pathfinder level.

Gain insights into finance excellence and how to interact efficiently with business. Explore how finance, and business controlling, support strategy, from development to execution and follow-up. You’ll also deepen your knowledge in forecasting, budgeting and business planning, as well as the impact of sustainability reporting on finance functions in general and business controlling specifically.

Programme starts 28 August 2024.

Content and structure

28 –
 30 elok. 2024
Finance leadership and communication
9 –
 11 lokak. 2024
Supporting strategy and innovation
13 –
 14 marrask. 2024
Budgeting, forecasting, scenarios and beyond
11 –
 13 jouluk. 2024
Sustainability and ESG reporting

Finance Technology Diploma

For finance professionals who want to discover how data science, ML and AI can help finance do a better job.

You don’t just scratch the surface of data science in finance but actually get to start coding, analysing and automating financial processes and data. The first module introduces Python notebooks as a tool for finance professionals, complementing the usual triplet of Excel, SAP and PowerBI. We look into use cases where the productivity gains are immediately significant. In the second module, we apply these skills and tools to automating and streamlining financial processes and data analysis. The third and final module then digs into more advanced machine learning and generative AI, and their application to finance.

Programme starts 11 September 2024.

Content and structure

11 –
 13 syysk. 2024
Data science in finance with Python notebooks
23 –
 25 lokak. 2024
Desktop and finance process automation
16 –
 18 jouluk. 2024
Machine learning and AI in finance