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Business Lead for companies

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11 maalisk. 2024
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What is Business Lead?

Business Lead is a fast-track for unemployed academically educated refugees and immigrants into Finnish work-life by combining education, mentoring and a 3-month unpaid internship in a company in Finland. The programme benefits all parties involved. It helps companies find new international talent, explore new commercial opportunities and markets and get an outside-in view on your business. In addition, it is a unique opportunity to make a difference, it is Corporate Social Responsibility in action. Since the beginning, 235 participants and 150 companies have enabled the programme. Hanken & SSE runs the program together with Hanken School of Economics.

Business Lead won the award for best Talent Development program in Europe by EFMD in 2018.

Become a Business Lead company partner

Hanken & SSE offers forerunner companies the opportunity to offer one or more unpaid internship positions in the Uusimaa region as part of integration program Business Lead. The internship period runs for a period of 3 months.

Who are the company partners?

See a few examples in the videos

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Image for Åsa Hämäläinen
Åsa Hämäläinen
Senior Project Manager
+358 40 352 1748 asa.hamalainen(a)hankensse.fi
Image for Inger Aaltonen
Inger Aaltonen
Growth Area Director, Learning Solutions
+358 41 451 4600 inger.aaltonen(a)hankensse.fi
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