Executive career coaching

Executive career coaching

Each job has a lifecycle that ends at some point. Do you know what your professional profile is and what you're aiming for in the future?

Executive career coaching is intended for you who you want to reflect on and plan a meaningful continuation of your working life and career and move towards new challenges in a goal-oriented manner.

You're an experienced management professional and you find your jobs through networks, headhunters or silent searches. You're thinking about a new career step, or you're already moving towards something new and you're looking for support to find a clear focus, brighten your professional profile and personal brand, and identify your career opportunities.

You expect your future role to be based on both new and relevant content and elements in which you can channel your best skills. You also want to utilise and increase your meta-skills and motivation and contribute to building the working life of the future.

Executive career coaching is built individually

Our coaching solution is always fully tailored and lasts 3–6 months. Your career coach leads the process and walks alongside you throughout the process. We always start with situational mapping and setting a goal. A solution that suits you is formulated as the process progresses so that the elements support you to reach your goal at the right time and the right way.

The solution tailored to you may include support for your development as a leader in the form of mentoring or leadership coaching, branding your skills, moving towards board positions, well-being, entrepreneurship or developing your skills through education.

After the process, you will have knowledge of your own strengths as a leader, your own differentiation factors in the recruitment market, a clear focus and action plan, and trust in the progress.