ABOUT Research and Faculty

Applied research to meet your needs

Our programs are building on a vast body of research-based findings. This ensures that the models that the participants are encountering are solid and evidence-based. Grounded in the two prestigious business schools and their global research networks, we can utilise new evidence and findings to benefit your individual learning as well as your company’s development.

Our firm position in research-based knowledge gives you the advantage of accessing the latest means of identifying and solving relevant challenges in business.

As thought leaders, we have produced applied research projects that address relevant current and future business critical issues that our clients face. Some of our research findings concern how top HR executives view the impact of digitalisation on organisations, how CEOs view future leadership challenges, how top talents view their career paths and development needs, how CFOs and business controllers view the needs of merging the financial function with business.

Hanken Research SSE Research

Our faculty consists of a mix of international academics and practitioners, a network of international lecturers, case speakers and subject-matter experts.

Particular to our approach is that we are not limited to our own faculty from the two prestigious business schools, but that we utilize relevant and competent faculty from all around the globe.

Faculty from previous programs include:

Julian Birkinshaw
Anil K. Gupta
Lynette Ryals
Susan Goldsworthy
Sunil Chopra
Liisa Välikangas
Kaj Storbacka