Products and services have become obsolete overnight and new waves of competition from start-ups and truly customer oriented companies have changed the business landscape. New business models and technologies have not only disrupted incumbents, but also created new jobs which demand new capabilities. Even change itself has changed.

The frenzy of digitalisation, disruption, IoT, start-ups and automatisation crave drastically different skill sets from leaders, ones that will help organisations navigate the rapidly changing business environment.

You and your company can now be among the first to navigate the fluid business environment and lead emerging ecosystems.

The program helps you turn future trends into strategies, to learn from pitfalls and success factors, to create powerful collaboration models and define the cornerstones of how to push any team to great results. We will hear from interesting speakers like Mats Lewan, Mark Curtis, Mikko Kosonen, Patrick Halford and great success cases from among others OP, KONE and Supercell.

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Foresight and innovation. A future view and a new take on strategy work, digitalisation and framework for digital capabilities, creating an agile innovation culture in your organisation.

Collaboration. Collaboration in emerging and organic ecosystems, building networks and partnerships, co-creation of value in the digital space, mixing start-ups, corporations, universities, research institutions and government bodies.

Meaningful leadership. Building blocks for great corporate culture and purpose, building the foundation for high performing teams, leading ecosystems, networks, virtual teams and self-leading organisations, inspiring people to proactively search for new opportunities.

Patrick Furu

Patrick Furu (Ph.D.) is Chief Operating Officer at Hanken & SSE Executive Education, as well as Adjunct Professor of Management Hult International Business School. He has previously been Professor and the Director of MBA at the Hanken School of Economics, Head of Department at Sibelius Academy/University of the Arts Helsinki, as well as a visiting researcher, lecturer and professor at Copenhagen Business School and Uppsala University. He has taught executives and business students in more than 20 countries on several continents.

Patrick’s research has focused on new emerging models of leadership. He has published material internationally on topics such as leadership in jazz bands, knowledge creation and transfer in multinational companies, as well as on the role of the board of directors in medium-sized companies. He has extensive experience in consultancy and executive education for management concerning strategies, change processes and competence development. He has worked with several large companies, such as Cargotec, Elisa, Ericsson, Nokia, Nordea, SEB, Telia, and UPM. Patrick has board work experience in SMEs. His past activities include top management group experience in the IT industry. Patrick’s genuine interest for executive learning and individual growth has led him to try innovative pedagogical approaches with excellent results.

Mats Lewan

Mats Lewan is an international speaker, author and journalist, focusing on the force of change in technology and how it will transform our lives and our society forever in the next few decades. He helps companies, organizations and individuals to understand this change, to prepare for it, and to see the opportunities. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm which gives him the foundation for building deep knowledge of technology and its effects on different industries. He describes how every industry will be hit by digitalization and AI, and how this will fundamentally change the ways of doing business. He is the author of the book Impossible Invention.

Sanna Korppoo

Sanna has over fifteen years of leadership experience in agile, user-driven innovation and business development in Accenture, Rovio and Elisa. She has worked with the world’s most recognized brands in the United States, Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Russia. Her passion is in creating unique business models that combine a delightful user experience, brilliant execution and monetization where everybody wins.

Konsta Saarela

Konsta is a fresh, but experienced business leader and sales executive. He is a modern leader empowering and inspiring the people around him by engaging and creating trustful environments where talented people excel. Konsta is passionate about new business models, sales, growth and continuous development.

He is a creative organization designer and a skilled developer of business models for changing customer and market needs. Clients, Sales, Growth and People have been core elements of Konsta’s career. He built a firm base for sales excellence at IBM and developed his leadership and business skills at Descom.

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