SMASH is a multi-company development program for executives of companies that want to explore new approaches to achieve organic growth.

The program gives the power to see possibilities for potential market disruption and gives tools for (digital) market shaping. Participating businesses are given a set of tools to frame and shape their markets, to renew business models and create new earning models. Our program directors support and guide the participants in their company-specific market shaping project for growth.

The program is structured over 10 days and 4 modules in total. Module locations are in Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Helsinki.

Associate Professor Suvi Nenonen

is specialized in market and customer oriented business development. Her current research interests include market and business model innovation, co-creation, solution business development, and customer asset management.

Suvi Nenonen has ten years of experience as a strategy consultant to major European companies in several industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, utility, telecommunications, fast-moving consumer goods industries, and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Suvi Nenonen is also an experienced speaker in various executive education programs, management team workshops, and academic conferences. She has led several large business development programs ranging from applied research consortium projects to executive education programs.

Professor Kaj Storbacka

is one of the global forerunners in the field of customer oriented business models and market shaping strategies.

He has over thirty years of experience as strategy consultant to major European and global companies – in finance, media, travel, retail, utility, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Kaj Storbacka has a long background in executive education, running MBA and Executive MBA courses in New Zealand, Finland, Singapore and Shanghai. He is a frequent speaker at seminars for major global corporations, and at leading management development institutions in Europe, Asia and the US.

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Program Feedback

  • “Overall the Smash program was very good. Particularly to get to know people from other branches. I think we had a very talented group, and the professors were of course the best to get.”

  • “Great enthusiasm from Kaj and Suvi, which really make the program enjoyable and interesting.”

  • “The module was good and the learning from the teams real projects have been valuable. The fact that we have a real business case as part of the learning has been very valuable.”