Integration Program Business Lead
for educated refugees and immigrants

Program Overview

The Business Lead Program is a unique integration program for educated refugees and newly arrived immigrants with mutual benefits for both the immigrants themselves and for Finnish business in general.


The program consists of four live modules addressing the Finnish and European business landscape and organizational culture, strategic leadership, finance and a sales- and service mindset.


The participants in the program also have access to a mobile learning service developed by Funzi and will have the opportunity to take part in Entry Point Mentoring arranged by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. The program will end with an internship in a Finnish company.


The aim of the program is to introduce and integrate educated immigrants into Finnish working life.


The program is delivered in partnership with Hanken & SSE Executive Education, Hanken School of Economics and the mobile service company Funzi.


The program starts in May 2017 ending fall 2017.

Program Overview

The Program is for educated immigrants who are looking to take their first steps into Finnish working life and can work comfortably in English.


The program requires participants to have a higher education degree or at least 3 years of higher education studies as well as relevant work experience.


Application for the Business Lead Program 2017 is not yet open.

The Business Lead program company partners are Accenture, Agency Leroy, Ajatar, Amcham Finland, Camaleonte, Dazzle, Elisa, Elo, EY, Etera, Federation of Finnish Financial Services, Fennovoima, Fingrid, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Folksam, Fortum, Hanken & SSE Executive Education, HUMLOG / Hanken, IBM Finland, Iwa Labs, Juuriharja Consulting Group, Kallio Elementary School, Kone, Konecranes, Lumi Accessories, LähiTapiola, Microsoft, Miltton, Nokia, Ramirent, Roschier, Seedi, SOK, SOL Palvelut, Stora Enso, Supercell, Valmet, Varma, Virala, Wapice and Wärtsilä.

Quick Facts

Program delivered by:

Hanken & SSE Executive Education, Hanken School of Economics and Funzi

Program includes:

Live and mobile learning, mentorship and internship

Application criteria:

Higher education degree (or at least 3 years of studies) and English language skills

Program Starts:

May 2017

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