Multi-Company Learning Solutions

Our portfolio of multi-company learning solutions address individual and organizational challenges and range from leadership and management to business innovation and functional excellence in finance.


The programs are long term learning experiences co-created with a group of non-competing companies sharing experiences and creating new knowledge together.

Finance Performance
Hanken & SSE Executive Education Controller Performance Program

The Controller Performance Program is a benchmarking and development program for business controllers.

Market Innovation

SMASH is a multi-company development program for executives at companies that want to learn and experiment with new approaches to achieve organic growth even on a mature market.

Customer Experience
Hanken & SSE Executive Education Luxury Cluster Program

The Excellence in Customer Experience Program strengthens key capabilities of companies in the luxury and premium sector for delivering luxury concepts and premium products and services.

Russian Business
Hanken & SSE Executive Education Lead Russia Program

The Lead Russia Program is tailored to support increased efficiency and profitability of Finnish and Nordic companies active in Russia.

Management Team Efficiency
Hanken & SSE Fast Lane Strategic Growth

Accelerate your company strategy and leadership with the Fast Lane program for management teams. The program is tailored for member companies of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries but is also available for management teams of other SMEs.

Hanken & SSE Executive Education Esimiehestä Johtajaksi

The Esimiehestä Johtajaksi leadership program in Finnish is targeted at managers new in their role wanting to gain new skills in management and leadership.

Executive MBA

Hanken Executive MBA

Hanken Executive MBA is a two-year part-time executive education program conducted in English. We believe in the strength of dialogue, face-to-face interaction and relationships: we recognise the individual in the group, our groups are small and our faculty and experienced lecturers are strongly dedicated to our program.


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SSE Executive MBA

The SSE Executive MBA will help you grow to take on broader responsibilities more efficiently, sharpen your analytical skills and financial understanding. You will create a new professional skills set and build a valuable network without putting your career on hold. But most of all, you will grow as a person.


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