Executive Education

Elevate Your Business

With more than 10 years of delivering valuable learning experiences, Hanken & SSE Executive Education will support you in turning your challenges into opportunities and encourage you to challenge your competitors with innovative strategies.


Each program offering gives you insight and introduces new ways of thinking.


Your learning experience is shaped by the people your experience it with. You will form meaningful relationships with your peers and in the multi-company learning solutions you will have the opportunity to benchmark against other champions in the space.

We help you reorganize your operations for achieving greater efficiency and return by disrupting your usual ways of doing business and finding smarter ways of working.


We base our approach on: 


  • Customer-driven definition of learning goals
  • Program concepts that support learning goals
  • Action-oriented outcomes
  • Anchoring our programs in the customer’s broader developmental context and processes

Multi-Company Learning

Hanken & SSE multi-company learning

Our portfolio of multi-company learning solutions address individual and organizational challenges and range from leadership and management to business innovation and functional excellence in finance. The programs are long term learning experiences co-created with a group of non-competing companies sharing experiences and creating new knowledge together.


We also offer multi-company programs together with our partners.


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Custom Designed Learning

Hanken & SSE Custom Designed Learning

Whether your company needs support in implementing a new business strategy, manage organizational transformation or grow your business, we work together with you to design a dynamic custom learning experience with a true impact to directly address your real strategic business challenges.


Get in touch with our team and find out how we can support you.


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Hanken & SSE research

To enable benchmarking and create value for you and your company, we conduct academic research and empirical data collection through HR and CEO interviews and talent surveys.


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